Funerals by Juli



Tell me more about about what you can  help us with

I’ve worked as a Funeral Celebrant for 7 years. I can liaise with your chosen Funeral Director. If you have any questions, ring/message me.

Can I get help and advice to choose the right words and music?

I will liaise with the family to plan and conduct a funeral ceremony that faithfully reflects the character and beliefs of the person who has died. I am able to offer gentle advice about suitable words and music as well as provide support.

When are you available to come and talk to the family?

I am happy to visit the family whenever and wherever it is convenient.

I’m an FD. May we talk?

Please do! Make contact with me.

What sort of thing should I be thinking about when planning a funeral?

  • Whether the person left any requests or wishes regarding their funeral
  • If a choice has been made between cremation or burial, and where that will take place
  • The style of funeral – traditional or contemporary, formal or informal – the coffin, cars, venue, flowers
  • How to make the funeral individual, to reflect the character, values and beliefs of the person
  • What sort of music and readings (if any) do we want?
  • To what extent family and friends want to be involved, with the arrangements, caring for the person who has died, during the funeral on the day?
  • After the event – the wake or gathering, memorial stone, ashes, memorial ceremony

I can help you make these important decisions.

Can you help with a non-religious ceremony?

Oh yes! Together we can craft a beautiful and meaningful ceremony that does not rely on religious beliefs

Can I still have Hymns at an independent Funeral Service?

Yes of course. Many families chose to sing hymns that have great significance – such as those sung at the deceased’s wedding for instance. Others prefer to sing along to a favourite song – it doesn’t have to be traditional at all. Yet others are content to listen to music that evokes past memories …

What about prayers?

If the family would like prayers then yes of course! – that’s perfectly OK. There is no reason why prayers from a whole variety of different faiths should not be used.

Can I have a green/eco-friendly funeral?

Yes you can. There are many alternatives to a wooden coffin – a handmade beautiful willow coffin, cardboard an even just a woollen shroud! Burial may be in a simple woodland setting or, after cremation, ashes may be scattered in some beautiful places …