Funerals by Juli

Planning your Funeral

Advance Ceremony plans

This service is for people who want to plan their own funeral in advance. We encourage everyone to plan ahead for their own funeral.

It saves families the stress and indecision that comes from not knowing what their loved one wanted.

It can be very useful for family and friends to have a guide to your wishes when the time comes.

It’s not always easy to initiate these conversations with friends and family and many people like to sort things out
themselves in advance before speaking with their loved ones.

​I will advise you of all your rights and options and help you create a detailed funeral plan for you to share with friends and family. I am totally independent and not tied to any supplier or company so we can give you a fully comprehensive plan that covers all of your options.

Included in the price:

A Meeting with you (and your family if required) of up to 3 hours. During the meeting I will explain all of your funeral rights and options. I will talk you through the entire process, discuss the sort of service you require and your desired funeral arrangements.​​ I won’t try to sell you anything, just provide you with comprehensive and independent advice to help you make informed decisions about your funeral.

​I will help you to create a detailed Funeral Plan for you to keep and provide copies for you to share with your friends and family.

​I do not have any pre-set plans and I will not try to guide you down any particular route. As far as I’m concerned, there are no rights and wrongs and I don’t make any judgements. I’m here to help you create exactly the type of funeral that you want.

​Your Funeral Plan can be as detailed as you like, specifying your desires for the following areas:

What sort of funeral you’d like

Where you would like your funeral to be held

Where you would like your service held

If you’d like a traditional hearse or different vehicle

Your specified choice of officiant (e.g. celebrant, priest etc)

The type of coffin you’d like

Music to be played at your funeral

Who you’d like to invite to your funeral and what you’d like them to wear

The flowers or decorations you’d like

What food and drink you’d like served

Whatever you want, I’m here to help you create exactly the right funeral for you.

Lets sit down, plan your funeral, it makes sense!

Fee – £200