Funerals by Juli


I keep all the cards that have been sent to me after a funeral

Here is just a small selection of the feedback people have given….

Dawn – Salisbury. (Writing a Eulogy)
After the death of my 21 year old daughter, planning a Eulogy befitting to her short but energetic and enthusiastic life, seemed impossible for myself and her older sister.

We talked this over with Juli who prompted us to take a visit down memory lane, and we recalled happier times and realised Helena’s many talents and humour! It was then possible to write the Eulogy which on the day of her funeral, was not only a fitting tribute to her, but a comfort to us and the mourners, as even a little laughter occurred.

We really appreciated Juli’s assistance and support at such a difficult time in our lives.

Tim & Jane – Salisbury
“Losing someone close to you is the hardest thing many of us will ever have to face.  When we lost our very dear and much loved Mum earlier this year, we were devastated and faced with a minefield of emotions, questions and practicalities. We knew we didn’t want to go down the conventional route of putting arrangements in the hands of a funeral director – but we also hadn’t been in this situation before and definitely didn’t have a clear plan. Googling ‘funeral celebrants’ I came across Juli’s website. From the day I spoke to her on the phone, it was as if someone had put an arm around my shoulders and shared the stress and the emotion. Despite our immense sadness, I knew how lucky my family and I were that our paths had crossed.

Juli guided us with her very special mix of intuition, compassion and professionalism. She listened, understood, and was sensitive and respectful of our wishes. She wasn’t phased by some of our more ‘unconventional’ ideas, and added her own creative suggestions. She encouraged us to be as involved in the delivery of the service as we felt able, but was there to take over when we weren’t. It very quickly felt like we had known her for years, but also that she understood us and the special spirit of our Mum.

On the day of the celebration of our Mum’s life, Juli’s calm, warm and thoughtful approach steered us through. She was organised, prepared, and had thought through every detail – from a packet of tissues, to printing out the eulogy in large print for my brother – how did she know he was going to forget his glasses?! She met and greeted our family and friends as if they were her own.  Juli delivered our carefully crafted words with sensitivity, kindness and warmth.

What we created together was a day that repeatedly people are still telling us was “full of love”, ”very special” and “unlike any other funeral”. For us it was a fitting tribute to the life of our wonderful Mum – one that was unique and tailored to her and to us, and we know we couldn’t have done that without Juli.

As a very affirming testimonial – one of our aunts was overheard telling Juli that she “is now the official family celebrant”. But for us Juli went far beyond the role of celebrant, to one which guided us spiritually and practically with immense empathy and kindness – thank you.”

Michele – Oswestry
“I want to thank you on behalf of all our family for the beautiful service you carried out for our dear father. The kindness and compassion you showed was greatly appreciated and we have had so many comments saying what a lovely and fitting send off it was for Dad. Thank you so much”

Wendy – Oswestry
“Thank you so much for your help and guidance today. I really appreciated it. We all knew it would be difficult to say a final farewell but I felt that, because all the family participated, there was a lot of love and humour and my mum would have really enjoyed her “send off”.
So thanks once again for all you did for us to help make the day joyful.”

Suzanne – Leominster
“I found Juli to be a sensitive caring and loving celebrant who spent a lot time with me to get it right and guide me through just how I wanted the ceremony to be.

This was important to me as I knew my partner Fred would have wanted it to be a warm loving send off, which indeed it was- thanks to Juli’s brilliant planning and organisational skills.

Juli was able to guide me through all the different aspects of the day that I hadn’t even considered. This was done in a gentle and very sensitive manner, guiding me in the right direction on certain aspects of it all like timings, music and the way it would all unfold.
I was pleased that she went out of her way to go and visit the crematorium where the funeral was to be held and introduced herself to the manager there. This meant a lot to me as she was then able to let me know about the practicalities of the venue.
During the funeral Juli was very professional and made sure that I was ok on every level which was fantastic.
Afterwards, during the memorial service, I found myself feeling very overwhelmed which she instantly picked up on. She came over to me and took me somewhere quiet, brought me tea and biscuits which helped me to feel better.

Many people commented on what an amazing, loving and uplifting day it was, considering it was  a funeral. They also said when their time came….they would wish for a funeral like this….”